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Sun-Kissed Beach Walk at The Zuri White Sands, Goa Sun-Kissed Beach Walk - The Zuri White Sands, Goa

Goa, a Tourist Destination


A former Portuguese colony, Goa is a costal city with a rich cultural heritage welcoming travelers from almost every walk of life. Be it the lone traveller or the luxury vacationer, everyone gets here for pretty much the same reason: to revel in the laid-back culture that has forever defined Goa. Enigmatic, party-driven beaches or secluded, paradise-like beaches, take your pick from the numerous sun-kissed beaches that make Goa what is it.


The best time to visit Goa is post the summer heat (no surprise there), when the temperatures are relatively moderate. Starting from November and all the way up to the month March, you will experience a more cooler Goa. These months also happen to be ideal for a swim or water sports. The sea is a lot calmer, making it a pleasure to spend the evening splashing around in the sea or relaxing on the beach.


The traditional fish curry with rice may well be the face of Goan cuisine, but like the land itself, Goan cuisine packs more flavours than you can try in just one visit. From exotic curries like Ambot-tik which is shark cooked in a red sauce with spices to Sorpotel, firey pork cooked in a clay pot on firewood, Goan cuisine gets rather imaginative to satisfy every taste bud. It's as much about the way it’s cooked as it is about what you cook.


The Dabolim Airport is approximately 30 km from Varca Beach, that’s about 19 miles. Varca Beach is also well connected by both road and rail.


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