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 The Zuri Kumarakom Panchakarma Package
  The Zuri Kumarakom Panchakarma Package

Ayurvedic Panchkarma Package, Zuri Kumarakom

Panchakarma – These are the body purificatory procedures which are mentioned in Ayurveda to purify our body. According to Ayurveda the human body is prone to get accumulate the toxins in the body due to improper food habits, life style, which in long term leads to various diseases. By having the purification of the body on regular basis we will be healthy. This program includes treatments using medicated herbal oils and also Vastis (medicated enemas which will help in removing the toxins away from the body), which revitalizes and detoxifies your body. The major benefits of this treatment is to prolong life span, strengthen sense organs, improve memory, obtain perfect health, youthfulness and increased physical endurance.

14 Nights   21 Nights  
Single Double Single Double
Zuri Deluxe
Rs 304546 Rs 468644 Rs 462000 Rs 704000
Rs 440000 Rs 594000 Rs 660000 Rs 880000
Pool Villa
Rs 522500 Rs 748000 Rs 786500 Rs 1100000

The above price inclusive of accommodation in respective category room, 3 meals at the lime tree restaurant and spa appointments as indicated below:


Please note: The above rates are inclusive of taxes. There will be personalized treatment schedule after the consultation with our Doctor.

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