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Maya Rituals

Royal Princess Make over

Duration: 210 minutes

9889 INR

To bring out the princess in you with a transformation from head to toe with Body Scrub, Body Pack, Body Massage,facial,Manicure,Pedicure and a Royal Bath. Walk out into the world with confidence, glowing with your new found beauty. We firmly believe that princesses are made not born.

Maya Cure

Duration: 75 minutes

5444 INR

A special combination of massage treatment unique to our spa’s massage like no other, performed in controlled stimulating strokes that relax and tone muscles. This rids the body of toxins and a positive energy flow while using hot bundles and relives tense muscles, sore joints and stressed emotion.

Maya pure indulgence massage

Duration: 75 minutes

5444 INR

A harmonious massage for body and mind, combination of shirodhara and massage which has a positive effect on the emotional well-being.One floats out of this treatment.

Das Schone

Duration: 90 minutes

6500 INR

A total beauty treatment of the body from head to toe, where you can experience a body massage with aroma oil, body scrub, body pack and face pack

Sanjeevani Experience

Duration: 130 minutes

8000 INR

It’s a complete rejuvenation experience through a body massage, Shirodhara & hot fomentation with medicated poultice.

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