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A Day in Kumarakom

kumarakom one day sightseeing tour
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A Day in Kumarakom

Embraced by lush, tropical paddy fields and pristine backwaters, Kumarakom enjoys an unrivalled position on the shore of Vembanad Lake, and is widely regarded for its backwater tourism. Located near the quaint town of Kottayam, Kumarakom is a fan favourite of families and the discerning traveller alike. Due to its picturesque settings and unique culture, the influx of tourists has been on the rise. To keep up with the rise, a lot of luxury resorts have come up across this beautiful destination. Accommodations in Kumarakom range from high-end luxury resorts to budget ones as well.

Equipped with a fine blend of contemporary amenities and old world charm, backwater resorts in Kumarakom offer a variety of luxury accommodations for your needs. Whether it’s a presidential villa or a deluxe room, the resorts provide the best of comfort and luxury. Some of the rooms have a traditional aesthetic setting while some of them have private views of the longest lake in India, the Vembanad Lake. Surround yourself with lush greenery, aesthetic interiors, and set yourself in for a relaxing and indulging experience.

Ayurvedic traditions have long been followed and practised in India and worldwide as well. It’s no different in Kumarakom. Most of the backwater resorts in Kumarakom have in-house healing and wellness centres where you can pamper your body and soul, all under the supervision of skilled therapists. Discover your inner self with yoga sessions at one of the many yoga centres in town.

Plush green surroundings, verdant scenery, scenic splendours all come together to make this the perfect destination for couples. Kumarakom plays the perfect host for photographers who prefer the location for its natural ambience and proximity to backwaters and lakes. If you are a wedding photographer, then make it a point to include Kumarakom as your next destination for your clients. And if you are a traveller, make sure you take your camera the next time you are going to Kumarakom.

Cruise through the silent backwaters and revel in the sights and sounds of Vembanad Lake. Board a sunset cruise with your loved one and watch the sky awash with a hue of colours as the sun sets gracefully. Even better, most of these cruises offer the perfect setting for a toast with your loved one.

Often called the Land of Spices, Kerala has long been known to entice whoever comes to its abode. Kumarakom is no different. Tantalise your taste buds with the myriad flavours and regional favourites of Kumarakom. Indulge in a mouth-watering experience as you are treated to exotic dishes and favourites from the land. With a host of activities to keep you occupied, you will leave Kumarakom with a treasure trove of memories.

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