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Bangalore, a Foodie’s Paradise

bangalore, a foodie’s paradise
Home / April 23, 2018
Bangalore, a Foodie’s Paradise

The city of Bangalore is famous for many things, from gardens and lakes to holding the mantle of being ‘pub city’ of India. And now, Bangalore is ready to take on another new title, that of ‘cafe city’. The sheer number of new cafes and restaurants that have popped up in Bangalore can overwhelm you. These cafes offer everything from Italian, Mexican to even Korean cuisine and judging by the crowds, they seem to be very popular too.

Move over the many pubs and instead opt to satisfy the foodie in you by visiting few of these cafes in Bangalore. Apart from the cafes, there are many luxury 5-star hotels in Bangalore that are worth a visit too! Many of these offer classy interiors and great food. Here’s a list of 3 cafes and restaurants in Bangalore that are a must visit.

Cafe 42 - A rooftop cafe located in the popular and busy Indiranagar neighbourhood of Bangalore, Cafe 42 already enjoys a fan following for its artsy interiors and delicious food. If you like to meet new people, jam to live music sessions or listen to poetry, this cafe is the place to head to as it hosts a number of events throughout the week. You could walk in on yoga classes, art jams or a lazy bunch enjoying coffee while playing board games. Spend a rainy day with a cup of strong coffee and choose a book from the bulging shelves in the cafe for a relaxed evening.

The White Room - As the name describes, the interiors of The White Room follow a monochrome colour palette that creates an elegant and peaceful ambience for you to enjoy your food. You will probably feel like you have been transported to a cafe on the streets of London in the winter season. Choose from a variety of options including a delightful all-day breakfast selection including the quintessential cafe-style food like waffles, pancakes and burgers. Located on Church Street, the cafe is a must visit for those who appreciate Instagram worthy pictures of cafe interiors!

An Egg Story - One of the best restaurants in Whitefield, An Egg Cafe is a quirky but perfect option for a laid-back Sunday breakfast. A tiny cafe located in Brookefield, it offers a selection of all time favourite comfort food such as cheesy burgers, fries, scrambled eggs and more. If you live near Whitefield and don’t want to brave the traffic and travel, this cafe is the perfect option for you.

There are many more delightful cafes in Bangalore offering everything from live music, poetry jams to painting sessions over cups of coffee or chai. If you stay in Bangalore and haven’t visited any of these cafes, you could be missing out on some great food and fun experiences. The crowd that comes to these cafes is varied, and you could meet people from all age-groups relaxing with conversations over coffee. Head out with a group of friends or simple take your favourite book and enjoy a pleasant evening in one these colourful and quaint cafes.

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