Fill Your Need to Thrill This Weekend

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Fill Your Need to Thrill This Weekend

Most of us have the drive to undergo an exhilarating experience. It’s refreshing, cathartic, and you feel like a whole new you. Two decades ago Bangalore was in lack of places packed with adventure. There weren’t many sightseeing spots either to make your visit a memorable one. As time progressed, the face of Bangalore kept changing, and more and more entrepreneurs took up the initiative to fill up this void by providing entertainment in adventure. What has emerged out are arenas of fun activities like lazer tag, indoor snow park, virtual reality centres, live escape rooms and much more. There is also a rise in the number of luxury hotels in Bengaluru. Here are some of the interesting hangouts the city has to offer.

Lazer Castle
Head to Lazer Castle with your friends and strategize to take them down with a lazer gun. Your play mates will play lazer tag and will be divided into teams. Each team will have the task of shooting down their opponents with lazers in an adventure-filled arena. Score points with each ‘hit’ and emerge out victorious.

Snow City
It's snowing in Bangalore! Hard to believe? It is at Snow City. Get into a snowball fight with your buddies, build a snowman, and stay inside an igloo too. It’s the first indoor snow park in Bangalore with temperatures hitting to almost minus 5 degrees Celsius. It’s a cool (pun intended) place to chill. The place is totally covered in snow, and you can go snow rafting, hit a dance off, try snow climbing, or simply celebrate a snow party with your friends.

Jakkur Aerodrome
Fly high and feel like a bird in the sky. Jakkur Aerodrome provides an open area to experience the thrills of parasailing and paramotoring. Feel on top of this world (and I mean literally) as you sail across the skies in a hot air balloon. For all your adrenaline junkies out there, if you are thirsting for some adventure, this is where you got to be.

The Escape Hunt - Escape Room Experience Bangalore
Do you feel the need to be a hard-core detective and crack the clue in a challengingly short span of time? The Escape Hunt is an adventure-filled live theme-based escape game setup where while you are locked up for 60 minutes, you need to hunt and solve for clues and get out alive… (kidding), within the stipulated time. So, bring along your badmaash party, chillar party, or your notorious corporate gang and get your adrenaline pumping.

At Smaaash, you can play around with virtual reality. Play virtual games like cricket, bowling, football, and hang gliding. Be a pro at motor racing, get into a gun battle with your annoying friends, if you are a racing freak then definitely try dirt biking, or just casually hang on to your dear life walking on a plank at a dizzying height of 50 feet above ‘ground level’! Do visit this place and make sure to have your dose of virtual fun. So then are you game for some virtual game?

So now Bangalore's not just about Lal Bagh or Cubbon Park or even Vidhan Soudha. There was a lack of adventure spots back then but over the years, it has gotten better. So, while you are exploring the adventure side of Bangalore, do check-in to some its many luxury 5 star restaurants and hotels. Here’s a link that will take you to one.
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