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How to Stay Safe & Secure on Your Holiday Tour?

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How to Stay Safe & Secure on Your Holiday Tour?

Now-a-days personal information is stored online. Such a facility has its own pros and cons. It speeds up the process but can also be readily and easily accessed by malicious hackers and identity thieves. One thing that is quite unnerving is that once all your confidential and personal details are online, it cannot be taken down. Your information will be forever stored somewhere over the internet. As a consequence, people often become victims of identity theft, which at times would never be resolved for about a year. Moreover, they are more vulnerable in becoming one when travelling. So here are a few tips on how to stay safe and secure when you are on your holiday tour.

Don’t use the public Wi-Fi: As much as possible, keep away from the public Wi-Fi. Connecting to one makes it easy for hackers to get your personal information. At times when travelling, you might wonder that it is indispensable to use the hotel Wi-Fi so as to check business mails, bank transactions, research and other information, but more often it is risky to do so. Instead, buy a portable router whereby using it, you can get your own internet connection. All you got to do is to buy local SIM and that will be available from a mobile store or in the airport kiosk.

Keep your home safe too: The mail box is another thing to be kept in mind when planning on a vacation. Make sure to stop the delivery of all mails to your house. An overflowing mail box would give a green signal to thieves to break-in to your house, as it is a clear indication that no one is at home. Also, putting a stop to all mails prevents the important ones from being stolen.

Password-protect your phone & add tracking tools too: When on the move, it’s quite easy to misplace your mobile phone. It might ultimately get into the wrong hands and this spells trouble. Thieves might get personal information like your access to e-mails and credit card information. Such a situation will prove very costly to you. It is best that a password is created for your phone, and that too a strong one at that. Make sure to change it from time to time so as to completely cut yourself off from identity thieves. Moreover, do install a tracking and a wiping software so that in case you lose your mobile, you can easily track it down or wipe off vital data from your phone, if stolen.

Monitor credit cards and reports: It is prudent to keep a check on your credit card activity and other transactions. This will enable you to prevent further financial loss and nip the crime in the bud. Most people say that it is a trouble to keep a track on all your credit cards, more so when you are travelling. Yes, it sure is but it is worth the trouble.

Never post your agenda or location on social media: It’s fun to post stuff about your travel adventures on social media to let the world know, but doing so will make you an easy target for theft. Do not give off your location, agenda or any other information when travelling. Most thieves are on the look-out for such information and may carefully time their next crime. So, for safety reasons, post details of your travel after the trip is over and you’re back home.

Bring only what is needed: Do not bring unnecessary stuff as it will be too difficult handle and also, you might misplace them. Get the essential stuff only, like your passport and keep the rest back home. Don’t bring other documents like birth certificates, Aadhar card etc. Be wise to not take all of your credit and debit cards. Carry only few of them when travelling. If it is a compulsion to bring along confidential documents, then do keep them in a hotel safe or anywhere that’s safe.

Keep a record of important documents: At times when travelling, important documents can get stolen and we won’t be able to remember which one it is. So, before stepping out for your vacation, do make a list of the documents that you will be carrying. That way you can cross-verify and come to know whether a document of yours has been stolen or not. Doing this will let you know whom to call and what to tell them.

Do not give your OTP number: At times, mischief mongers steal cash through the online process. Complete strangers would use details like your name, age, mobile number etc to siphon out your bank balance. An OTP number will be sent to your mobile. Fraudsters then call you up or text you to get the OTP number from you. DO NOT give them this number at all, no matter what. By doing so you might have just saved yourself from getting bankrupt.

So, when you are travelling to any of the Goa 5 star hotels near the beach or to a Kumarakom backwater resort, make sure to stay safe and secure, following these handy tips. If you wish to travel to Goa or Kumarakom—the two best holiday destinations, then do check out some of the most luxurious accommodations right away. Click the following link to book a room at Zuri Hotel & Resorts—The best hotel located in Goa and Kumarakom

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