Live The Dream of Taking Your Work As You Go with Workcation

Live the dream of taking your work as you go with Workcation

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Live the dream of taking your work as you go with Workcation

Work, as a concept, is something we have been accustomed to. All these years, life was all about waking up to get to the office and continue the day by handling projects, meetings, deadlines and so on and so forth, all within the confines of a workplace. Cut to the pandemic – things have now changed and today's work can be managed from anywhere and it's only the results that matter.

The incredible and unexpected change in the nature and style of work has earned both brickbats and bouquets in equal measure. But the fact that the biggest of brands and companies have made Work From Home a viable business proposition by tweaking their thought processes and strategies, is proof that it is here to stay.

So, while it is here to stay, why not make Work from Home a little more interesting, a lot more productive and super fun for the loved ones? It’s time to indulge and make the most of the newly crafted concept called as Workcation – where you step out from the confines of your home and travel to a destination that allows you to work as well as relax, without disrupting your routine in any way. Workcations are new normal and the modern work-life was see more and more people adapting to change and make workcations a part of their lives.

Here’s how you can plan your Workcation and make the most of every minute you spend out there, to make it memorable and worth the time:


India is blessed with diversity and there is every kind of destination to calm your senses or excite your mind. Right from 5-star hotels in Bangalore to luxury resorts in Kumarakom, from 5* hotels in Goa to luxury hotels in Shimla, there are a plethora of destinations to choose from. While the destination may be different, the fact that all luxury hotels offer world-class facilities, is a given. So, first thing, choose which part of the country you like to spend your time at - up north, down south or somewhere in between?


Plan your Workcation with a budget in mind. Count the number of days or weeks you wish to step out and indulge with your loved ones and then choose a destination or a hotel. The most effective way to go about this is to plan well in advance, ensure all bookings are made and there are no surprises later on; be it financially or otherwise.


A Workcation means working while enjoying a vacation. So, it goes without saying that while there will be a need for a space to work from in a comfortable way, you will need to check the other boxes to ensure your loved ones are having a good time – be it a swimming pool for the kids to indulge in, a delectable spread of cuisines to treat your tastebuds, exquisite views to spend the evening at, beaches to indulge in some fun and beat the heat and more.

Choose your window:

Work needs inspiration and different people get inspired differently. Add to it, the need to recharge the batteries and feel good about doing what you do every single day. Which is why a great view from outside the window matters the most. Choose a destination only after you are sure of what you wish to see as you sip that mug of joe – a bustling cityscape with glowing neon lights, a serene landscape with the view of a breath-taking houseboat with birds and a bright sky to accompany you or the crashing of the waves as the crimson-red sun goes down after a day’s work – well, the choice is yours. Make a wise choice to make the most of your Workcation, and make it work for you in every way!
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