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Off-beat attractions to visit in South Goa

off-beat attractions to visit in south goa
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Off-beat attractions to visit in South Goa

One of the most famous tourist hubs in India, Goa is well-known for its wonderful beaches, vibrant nightlife, verdant greenery, exquisite cuisine and a relaxed outlook towards life. Travellers, both from India and around the world flock to this vibrant hub all year round for these attractions.

Anjuna Market, Agonda Beach, Benaulim Beach, and Basilica of Bom Jesus are just a few of the popular sights and landmarks in Goa that people visit all the time. And it has come to a point where most of these attractions have been frequented by everyone. It has reached a stage where every traveller’s itinerary ends at these landmarks, every time a trip to Goa is planned.

Don’t you want to visit places beyond the familiar beaches and nightclubs? Don’t you want to explore the untouched side of this coastal state?

Soak in the rich heritage and culture of its museums and forts during the day and luxuriate in one of the best beach resorts in South Goa. Discover a few of the hidden treasures and off-beat locations of Goa and experience a different side to this tourist hub.

  • Betul Lighthouse :
    Located atop a hill behind the picturesque Betel Beach, the Betul Lighthouse has been a guardian of the beach since 1890. Painted in red and white spiral bands, the lighthouse cuts a forlorn figure to any traveller who visits the place. But visit the lighthouse during the evening and you will be spellbound by its beauty.
  • Netravati Wildlife Sanctuary :
    Nestled in the Kali river basin forests in Sangem Taluka, Netravati Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect break from the monotony of beaches and regular activities in Goa. Not to mention, a perfect getaway for nature and wildlife enthusiasts as well. Declared a wildlife sanctuary to protect the Western Ghats, Netravati is widely known for its rich, vibrant flora and diverse wildlife. Some of the wildlife that can be found in the sanctuary include the Great Pied Hornbill, Black Panther, Slender Lorris, Giant Squirrel etc. Other attractions include the beautiful Savari waterfall. Best time to visit the sanctuary would be from October to March, as there’s less rainfall and the weather is quite pleasant for all sorts of adventurous activities.
  • Dudhsagar Falls:
    Literally translating to ‘sea of milk’, Dudhsagar Falls is a must-visit for anyone who wishes to trek around South Goa. As you near the waterfall, you will be left spellbound by the view of the gushing water cascading into the lake. The fifth tallest waterfall in India, it exudes both power and awe from any tourist who wishes to visit this beautiful attraction. It is a testimony to the beauty of Mother Nature.
  • DCabo de Rama Fort & Beach:
    The famous Cabo de Rama Fort & Beach carries a lot of historical significance. It is one of the largest and oldest forts of South Goa and a huge favourite of the masses. Believed to be the residence of Lord Rama and his beloved wife Sita, the fort was built by Hindu rulers in honour of Lord Rama. Since the past century, this amazing fort has been passed down from Muslim to Portuguese rulers and yet has managed to retain its essence. Picturesque views of the Arabian Sea and the beautiful church of St. Anthony just add to the beauty of the place.

These attractions are just a few of the many unexplored treasures that have managed to attract travellers away from the usual image of Goa. Far from the maddening crowd, they are a testament to the unexplored side of this coastal state and what it has to offer every time you pack your bags and travel to Goa.

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