Revenge Travel: Escape from The Loop of Lockdown

Revenge travel: Escape from the loop of lockdown

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Revenge travel: Escape from the loop of lockdown

After the third wave of the coronavirus passed, tourist industry analysts allege that people are on a 'revenge travel' spree after being locked in their homes for months due to COVID-19 concerns and following lockdowns.

We can't really call it post-COVID travel yet, so we'll stick to COVID travel for the time being. Indians are doing an excellent job in this area, and we hope that it will be done with the utmost seriousness. Revenge Travel is a new fad that has recently emerged among Indian travellers.

What is Revenge Travel?

It may sound like a violent act, but we guarantee you that it is not. The concept of revenge travel, which refers to the urge to go on vacation after a lengthy period of isolation, has resulted in overcrowding at most well-known tourist destinations. Off-the-path sites and gorgeous settings that do not adhere to the ideas of a travel handbook are quickly becoming popular among many travellers. As a result, individuals wishing to satisfy their yearning to travel in a safe manner, are choosing these lesser seen areas surrounding the popular destinations. There are South Goa resorts where you may relax and enjoy the sea from your private suite.

A Lil different from the norm!

These travellers are seeking perfect holiday spots that haven't yet been airbrushed or commercialised. It's no wonder that lesser-known tourist destinations around South Goa are becoming more popular as tourists want to escape crowds. Some visitors are also choosing for a staycation at some of the most beautiful and luxurious beach resorts in South Goa. Palolem beach in South Goa is mostly deserted. It's peaceful even during peak season. There will be no hustlers attempting to sell souvenirs, pictures, or wood sculptures. Just a bunch of youngsters creating sandcastles. Adults sunbathing. The provision of a therapeutic massage on occasion. Quiet and peaceful.

Yes, the North has a thriving entertainment sector. However, the South offers the quiet serenity that many of us seek. To be able to get away from our city lives without worrying about jumping from a pan into a fire.

Many travellers now want to find the spiritual sides to their journeys after spending so much time indoors, with at least a few trying with home remedies and Ayurvedic treatments. Kumarakom lake resorts are a popular alternative for those looking to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What better place to go for those ayurvedic treatments rather than Kumarakom lake resorts with amazing packages which include ayurvedic massages and spas for your staycation?

Travel smart:

Even if your next big trip isn't for a while, it's critical to remain current on safety and travel regulations. For example, if you don't have a passport or if it's about to expire, it's best to get one as soon as possible, given the current delays in passport processing. It's also a good idea to research the safety and cancellation policies of your preferred airlines to travel with more peace of mind.

Above all, arranging "revenge travel" offers us something to look forward to. Many trip booking sites and services allow you to book far in advance, with little or no cancellation penalties.

Rest and reset:

After a long time of not travelling, we may feel compelled to pack as much experience into our first vacation as possible. Just keep in mind that holidays are most enjoyed when relaxation and resetting are part of the plan — and this might look different for everyone. Setting a trip goal may help define your vacation by providing you with an idea of the activities you and your travel companion(s) wish to emphasise, but make sure you have some wiggle room to relax.

The essential thing, as Plato so beautifully stated, is not to live but to live well. So what could be more natural than the urge to go away from home, which is rising among travellers all over the world who can now travel again? This revenge via travel follows new patterns: these new-age travellers seek to have a genuine yet adaptable experience that will provide them with the freedom they so desperately crave.

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