See the Unique Side of Kerala-Kumarakom

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See the Unique Side of Kerala-Kumarakom

Heaven on earth is what Kumarakom is. This unique place is teeming with wildlife, greenery, beautiful backwaters, and rustic life. It’s also known as the tourist’s village and is made up of cluster of islands on the Vembanad backwaters. Kumarakom also has a historical side to it. A bungalow built by the English missionary Henry Baker, remains now but in the form of a luxurious resort on the banks of Vembanad Lake. One can experience a tropical kind of climate while here. Kerala’s gem, Kumarakom is brimming with uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. Here’s what the place has to showcase.

The backwaters of Kumarakom is a paradise within a paradise (Kerala). When you are here, boat riding on the tranquil waters should be a main priority if you are in search of bliss. You can get to see a vast expanse of coconut trees swaying (more like playing) along with the mild backwater breeze. While you traverse through some of the smaller canals, the Kumarakom way of life comes to life when villagers move about carrying on their daily life; fishing, shell mining or just chilling by the canal side.

Another sight that is a treat to your eyes is the Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls. White waters gushing down earthy rocks, at times due to erosion, create breath-taking geological rock formations. These are one of nature’s unique art pieces. This place offers great trekking trails for nature enthusiasts, and makes for a peaceful picnic spot for family bondings. It is enclosed a by lush jade coloured forest, and a rubber plantation also surrounds it.

If you are looking for something truly unique, then Bay Island Drift Museum is where you need to be. This museum houses Driftwood sculptures of various designs and shapes, many of which resemble nature’s creation like reptiles, birds, animals, amphibians and fishes. These were crafted by the museum’s owner, Raji Punnoose who had taken a keen interest in transforming sea driftwood into sculptures of artistic and aesthetic value.

One thing that takes place in full vigour are the boat races in Kerala. It’s amazing to see robust and sinewy oarsmen giving all that they have to end the race with a spectacular finish. Cheering crowds, team spirit, and speeding boats all make it an eventful sight to behold.

On the waters of the Vembanad Lake lies the Pathiramanal Island, a sanctuary for many rare species of birds (all bird watchers rejoice!). One can get to find winged creatures like the night heron, Indian shag, purple heron, little egret, little cormorant, monarch flycatcher and many others. The island looks like an emerald gem on turquoise waters. The meaning of the name of the island sounds exotic as it looks. Its name means ‘sands of time’.

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a home to varied species of migratory birds, few of them coming from the Himalayas and some as far as Siberia. This sanctuary, filled with diverse colours of the avian creatures, makes a bird lover’s paradise. Watch out for native Kingfishers shimmering in psychedelic colours, Lone Golden-backed Woodpeckers, acrobatic Paradise Fly-catchers, Teals, Larks and host of other bird species.

Kumarakom is a wonderland of Kerala. A delightful place to be. So many unique things to experience and see. While you plan to while away your time to check out this beautiful place, do check-in to some of Kumarakom's best 5 star hotels and resorts. Hurry! Click the link and book into one right now.

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