Sometimes, Nature is the Answer

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Sometimes, Nature is the Answer

Traveling across the world is a wonderful experience, as every country, city, and town have something new to offer. From misty mountains to magnificent monuments, from delectable cuisine to extreme adventure, from global innovations to local cultures, there’s a lot to be discovered and experienced.

While each country has its share of incredible experiences and every city dwells on a charm of its own, there’s something very beautiful about experiencing Nature. Especially when it is found in its purest form. There’s something about those swaying palm trees, and silent yet deep water bodies, that transport you to a different world. There’s something about the fishermen spreading the net against the backdrop of a rising sun. There’s something beautiful about Nature which lets you forget your current state and transports you to a world of inner peace and tranquility. A state where you almost feel a re-birth.

To experience the best of Nature, you don't have to travel across the seven seas. Or catch a flight to the neighboring country. All you have to do is, visit Kerala - an enchanting destination that most refer to as ‘God’s own country’. While the never-ending greenery and the breath-taking backwaters are good enough reason for you to visit this paradise on earth, here are a few more highlights that make Kerala among the most preferred holiday destinations, for local and global travelers.

Ayurveda: Kerala is the perfect answer for weary eyes, tired limbs, and a fatigued mind. Known as the home of Ayurveda, it offers a host of treatments and therapies that are a perfect mix of essential oils and authentic herbs. Kerala’s Ayurveda has gained global recognition and people from different parts of the world visit the state, after failing to find a cure for their ailments elsewhere.

Sunny Beaches: Crashing waves, vast stretches of sand and the perfect space to relax. All of this, right in the middle of a destination that is rooted deeply and firmly in heritage and tradition. Well, the other side of Kerala, which comprises of beaches, is a major attraction for tourists, especially foreigners.

Rich Heritage: : A ride on the elephant back, watching the breathtaking performance of a Kathakali artist or simply sitting with the localities and enjoying a meal served on the plantain leaf are some of the experiences only Kerala can offer. Rich in its traditions, the state takes its history and heritage very seriously. This offers experiences the outside world will love to indulge in.

Culinary experiences: Sea-food, amongst other food items, is a must try in Kerala. Offering a vast range of dishes that are sure to delight the gourmet, Kerala’s culinary experiences are as diverse as the state. Visit and experiment to discover where you find your moment. Be it the spa treatments in Kerala or the backwater resorts in Kumarakom, the bustling life in Cochin or the quiet and peaceful lanes in Munnar, the state has every reason to lure visitors. And it welcomes its guests with the best of hotels as well.

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