Summer is all About Sea, Sand and Surf

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Summer is all About Sea, Sand and Surf

With temperatures hovering near the 30-degree mark, it is no wonder that people are planning their summer holidays, thinking about getting away from the heat and dust of the concrete urban jungle. Summer is all about hitting the beaches, and soaking in the surf. Well, the best place to chill during the heat of the summer, is Goa.

Known for ages, as favourite among vacationers worldwide, the Indian paradise is a great combination of the vast ocean, soft sand and mind-blowing seafood. Goa was always regarded as the party destination of India, and rightly so. Every nook and corner of this beach-paradise has something for every kind of traveller.

Stay in a luxury resort in Goa, and experience the 'susegad' Goan lifestyle. The laid-back atmosphere in the languid resorts, coupled with the flavourful food, will ignite your senses. The luxury resorts in Goa, are modern with a hint of tradition and fitted with the latest amenities. Staffed superbly, the resorts are the ideal place for you to create special summer memories. Sit back in a hammock and watch the sunset, or engage in a fast-paced game of beach-volleyball with your friends.

Couples wanting to spend some quality time together this summer, must check out the honeymoon packages in Goa. There are lots of different packages, each tailored to provide a unique experience. Whether you are the adventurous sort, or the lazy sort, the honeymoon packages in Goa are sure to satisfy you. Engage in couple-centric activities, like massages, pottery classes, or even a trek. For that first blissful 2 weeks after a hectic wedding, Goa makes for the perfect destination for couples.

Goa is special because of the vast Arabian Sea. The azure waters of the ocean form into frothy waves that lazily lick the shore. Sit on the beach, with a chilled beverage and dip your feet into the surf. Experience utmost relaxation, as the sound of the waves transports you to a faraway land. Let the cries of the sea-birds ring in your ears, while the soothing wind keeps you feeling cool and fresh.

Book a room or two at a luxury resort in Goa, for the perfect summer vacation experience. Get your fill of the fresh surf, the soft sand, and keep sipping on an assortment of cocktails. Let the summer sun rejuvenate you, without feeling too hot. Dip into the swimming pool, if you wish to burn a few calories or simply laze around.

Goa has been around for ages, and is frequented and enjoyed by travellers across all ages. So, whether you are a solo traveller, or a newly-married couple, a group of friends or a family with children, head to your favourite luxury resort in Goa. Swim in the sea, inhale the fresh breeze, sip on eclectic drinks, and make cool summer memories that will last you for your lifetime.

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