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The Art Scene in Goa

the art scene in goa
Home / April 24, 2018
The Art Scene in Goa

Goa is not only India’s favourite holiday destination but is also home to the most happening art and cultural hub in the country. The natural beauty of the city and the vibrant atmosphere throughout the year attracts artists of all types to the place. Many artists have made Goa home, for its beauty and upcoming art scene. If you have already visited Goa, then you would know exactly what enthrals artists. The quaint Portuguese style homes, the opportunity to meet interesting new people from all over the world and the many art galleries make Goa the perfect retreat for artists and art lovers.

While most people assume Goa is for the nocturnal party-goers, the emerging art scene has also made it a vibrant growing cultural hub. International curators have been attracted to the eclectic and beautiful art emerging from the artists settled here. From photography exhibits, sculptures and colourful pottery, you can enjoy varied forms of art in Goa. If you are visiting Goa and would like to enjoy some of the art on display here, here are 3 art galleries you must visit.

The Art Chamber - Referred to as ‘Gallerias De Bellas Artes’, this art gallery is situated at a short distance from the Calangute beach. Established in 1997, the gallery enjoys a loyal following and a good reputation for showcasing diverse artworks. The gallery specialises in showcasing both prominent Indian and international artists. As the gallery is situated within the Castelo Vermelho, it is a perfect representation of the mix of Indian and Western influences. The architecture reflects influences from the three main religions of the region - Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Museum of Goa, Pilerne - A modern art gallery privately funded and owned by artist Subodh Kerkar, the gallery is locally known as the Kerkar Art Museum. Apart from housing many beautiful samples of the artists own work which was displayed in places such as Germany, Geneva and Dubai, the gallery also encourages emerging artists. Spend an evening here and admire the beautiful art displayed. The gallery also has its own multicultural restaurant Waves where you can enjoy snacks and coffee.

Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for The Arts - Located in a beautiful and quaint Portuguese home, Sunaparanta is a hub of creativity and art. This non-profit art gallery encourages budding artists with a variety of creative programmes like activity classes, exhibitions, workshops and other lively events.

Goa has a lot more to offer than beaches and parties. Make sure you visit the many beautiful galleries that exhibit the cultural heritage and diversity of India. There are many more art galleries than the ones mentioned above. They provide an immersive, enjoyable experience for those who appreciate beauty in all its different forms. Don’t restrict yourself to the exciting casino hotels in Goa and step out to explore the various offerings of this beautiful city.

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