The Best Places to Stay in Goa

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The Best Places to Stay in Goa

South Goa is a haven for those looking to have a peaceful time in Goa. Unlike the north, which is primarily known for its astounding parties that run into the wee hours of the morning, the South is much sober. South Goa is bounded to the North by the Zuari river and bounded to the south by the State of Karnataka. The coast is lined with 5-star hotels in South Goa, having a slightly higher edginess than the beach resorts in Goa.

While the presence of nature and the serenity of beaches is best enjoyed in South Goa, it is nowhere lacking in attractions or thrilling experiences, as is commonly perceived. Some things to do in South Goa are:

South Goa is popular for its variety of watersport activities. Most South Goa resorts offer packages for water activities. The most common ones include simple boat rides, banana rides, and dolphin rides while the more exciting ones include jet skiing, bumper rides, parasailing, and more. The best time to try these watersport activities is from October till May.

South Goa has many beautiful locations that double as camping sites. Sit back, relax and experience the beauty of nature at it’s best in South Goa. Gaze at the stars through an unpolluted clear skies, sitting by the bonfire, feeling the warmth and glow of the fire on your face.

Temple Waterfall
The Bhagwan Mahaveer temple is surrounded by a gorgeous waterfall that takes your breath away. Located in quite a secluded place, it can only be reached by undertaking a two-hour trek. The temple also has accommodation facilities and a campfire. Additional packages will include meals, transportation and other benefits.

Jungle Trek
Although there are multiple wildlife sanctuaries in South Goa, the most beautiful one is the Cotiago wildlife sanctuary. A multi-storeyed forest with tall trees and rare plants, this sanctuary is great for both beginner and experienced trekkers. At present, the Forest Department is also offering snake-proof camping sites, canvas tents, and reference material. For those who want to rough it out, there is no dearth of possibilities. Written permission can also be obtained if you wish to stay in the watchtower or the small rest house of the Forest Department, inside the sanctuary.

Dolphin Spotting
A popular activity offered by many honeymoon resorts in Goa, Dolphin spotting includes traveling in a boat to a certain location in the sea where visitors can watch the playful tricks and acts performed by dolphins in the wild. This activity has gained immense popularity in recent years, so you will probably have to book in advance if you want a chance to gaze at these cute, wonderful creatures. The best time to witness the antics of the dolphins is from November to February.

Enjoy the immense natural beauty, glorious sandy beaches, atmospheric beach shacks, intriguing colonial sites, and the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the lesser-known, offbeat, South Goa. Have a fascinating holiday!

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