What Kind of Traveller are You?

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What Kind of Traveller are You?

Travelling is the best informal way to educate yourself. You don't have to sit through hours of boring lectures, and you get to see interesting sights and sounds! Well, travelling is fun and informative which is why everyone loves to leave at the drop of a hat. Well, India is full of interesting places to see. From mountains to beaches, every one of them is sure to provide a unique travel experience.

With travelling booming into a huge industry, one can easily demarcate the kinds of travellers we have nowadays. Go through the below list, and see what kind of traveller you are!

Holidaymaker : They prefer typical holiday destinations, especially those with resorts. Many would like the languid backwater resorts of Kerala. These people want places that are in beautiful locations, with all the comforts of home. For them, the ideal summer destination would be the backwater resorts with pools in Kerala.

Business Travellers: They will mostly travel to cities, as urban areas are preferred, for business meetings. These people usually travel for work, and are instantly recognisable at airports, dressed in business suits. Usually heading to important appointments, they rarely have time to relax during business trips.

Backpackers: These travellers love low-cost arrangements and independent travel. Backpackers usually carry everything in one backpack, and use public transport, and other hacks-to make sure their travel costs don't go too high. Typically, young adults with fewer obligations fall under this group. A backpacker would prefer the quieter and more offbeat backwater resorts in Kerala, as opposed to the more mainstream ones.

Adventure Travellers : Usually, these people love visiting wildlife sanctuaries, or places which offer exciting adventure. A vacation trip to a natural environment, or a remote location is usually on the cards. Adventure may be sporty, and may even involve some danger. Adventure

Expedition members : These travellers usually have a purpose in mind-an expedition may involve a trek, or a mountain climbing activity. Expedition members usually pack very specific items-like a pick axe, or mountaineering equipment, that regular travellers won't be aware of.

The last two categories actively seek an adrenaline rush. They want to be in dicey situations, as danger is what they crave.

In addition, there are other kinds of travellers-those that travel for medical purposes, or those who travel to study somewhere.

So, what kind of traveller are you? Would you like to relax under the stars, in a houseboat while sailing past the backwater resorts of Kerala? Would you rather pick up a rucksack and go on an expedition to scale a peak in the Himalayas? Whatever kind of traveller you might be, India, a vast country full of myriad interesting holiday experiences, is sure to tickle your fancy!

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